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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I'd always wished to start my own blog when I became a mommy although I didn't think my time would come so soon. That allllll changed in August of 2013. My husband and I were blessed with the greatest surprise yet; we had a baby boy on the way! 

I'll never forget that day and the emotions that poured over me. It was a Thursday {August 1} and I was doing some window shopping at Target with one of my girlfriends. Out of nowhere, this wave of complete and total exhaustion hit me like I'd never experienced before. I'm not lying when I say that I was so tired right then and there, I could've dropped to the ground and slept on the asphalt parking lot we were walking on. I then began to put together some of the pieces to the puzzle; unusual heartburn 2 nights in a row, menstrual cycle was 2 weeks late, unexplainable exhaustion... I thought 'heck, why not' and I walked outta there with a pregnancy test in hand. I arrived back at my apartment solo and immediately HAD to know the results. Now that I had what could prove my anxious thoughts right or wrong, I didn't waste any time. I sat on my bed thinking to myself how silly it was that I'd just taken a pregnancy test because surely, I was not expecting. And then to my astonishing surprise, that epic word read across the result screen PREGNANT. My immediate reaction: laughter. I sat there and laughed to myself thinking there is no way. No way, no way, no way. Well, there was a way and it was happening! 

Laughter ceased, then came the tears. Not 5 minutes passed by and my husband walked in the door from work to find me quietly sobbing. He was immediately worried as to why I was shedding tears and quickly asked me what was the matter. I choked on my words as I told him, "I think I'm pregnant." He grabbed me in his arms and held me so tight as we stood there in the living room of our apartment letting the news sink in that would forever change our lives.

It was one of the sweetest moments of my life...

6 months later and show time is right around the corner. Our son reminds me every day how ready he is to get out and see the world. His kicks and precious hiccups never fail to make me crack a smile out of absolutely nowhere. I'm just so happy this little surprise found me like it did...

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